Canada Lands Company partners with Northcrest Developments

Canada Lands Company and Northcrest Developments have come together to plan a large portion of the Downsview lands, a 520-acre sector including the airport, Sheppard and Chesswood districts and a portion of the Allen lands, representing one of the largest undeveloped sites in Toronto. With the airport slated to close in 2023 and the subway extension complete, there’s an important opportunity to revisit the land use and development framework for the Downsview Lands. Northcrest Developments, a subsidiary of the Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP), and Canada Lands Company have agreed to work together to create a planning framework for the future of the site. The 291-acre Downsview Park will be the heart of the community.

Northcrest and Canada Lands are striving to achieve a future that demonstrates how to build sustainable, resilient, vibrant, healthy and complete communities. A key part of the process will involve working closely with local residents and communities, as well as a wide range of public and private stakeholders, through the planning and development process. Canada Lands and Northcrest are committed to the long term, working with the community and respecting the public interest.

In 2020, Northcrest and Canada Lands will begin the process of planning a future for the site that generates returns for their shareholders, while also creating public benefits and supporting local communities and public policy priorities (e.g. local economic development, transit-oriented development, housing affordability and sustainability, parks and community amenities).

Visit the project website to stay informed and register for upcoming consultation events:

Join the partners at upcoming community events in March 2020 to learn more about the project and share your thoughts. Click here for more information.