Downsview Park Station Update

As part of the new Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension Project slated to open in late 2017, Downsview Park Station will provide riders access to the TTC subway and GO train lines. To help pedestrians travel between the Park and the new station, 
Canada Lands is in the process of designing an access-way that will provide  local residents and Park visitors a connection between the two sites. More information on this new pedestrian access route will be made available at 
Also, with 87% of Downsview Park Station now completed, the TTC made progress in the last year. According to the TTC’s 2015 Construction Year In Review,  Power is now ready to be delivered to Downsview Park Station as the power sub-station has been energized. The Station also has the honour of having the first operating escalator within the subway expansion. An extensive green roof system that covers both the east and west entrance buildings at Downsview Park Station has also now been planted. In addition, a substantial amount of surface restoration began in the fall at Downsview Park Station which includes seeding,  tree planting and pedestrian paving adjacent to the station.