Who Is Canada Lands?

Canada Lands Company is a self-financing, federal Crown corporation that specializes in real estate, development and the management of special attractions. The company’s goal in all it does is to produce the best possible benefit for Canadian communities and the Government of Canada.

Canada Lands Company works to achieve its mandate with industry leading expertise; the company prides itself on its consultation based approach to pursuing community-oriented goals, environmental stewardship and heritage commemoration with all its projects across Canada.

The company’s activities ensure that former government properties are redeveloped or managed in accordance with municipal and local aspirations, and that they are harmoniously reintegrated into local communities. Our goal is to help transform surplus parcels and reshape them to meet the needs of Canadians with inspiring and sustainable new neighbourhoods in which they can live, work and play.

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When a government department identifies a property as surplus to its needs, Canada Lands Company undertakes an analysis to determine how the property can best benefit local communities and the Government of Canada. The company works with that government department to determine a fair market price for the property and then purchases the parcel through the government’s real property disposal process.

With most of its projects, Canada Lands Company undertakes a public consultation process. Our team works closely with municipal officials to organize the most effective community consultation strategy possible. Our consultation often includes: meeting with community organizations, holding public open houses and establishing local advisory committees to get local input on potential plans for a property. The public is always invited to attend and participate throughout the community consultation process.

After completing the consultation process, Canada Lands Company creates a master development plan for the property. In keeping with the organizations commitment to corporate social responsibility, the master plan will incorporate sustainable development principles such as LEED certifications, and meet the needs of the local community. This plan is submitted to the local city or town council for consideration and approval.

Once the approvals are received, Canada Lands Company typically carries out site servicing. Depending on the site, this may involve the removal of debris and contaminated soil or other environmental hazards. Other preparation work may include the renovation of existing roads, the demolition of unsafe structures and the installation of new roads and other municipal services (for example: sewers, streetlights, etc.).

There are three scenarios for property development in this final phase. Typically, Canada Lands Company markets and sells the property in phases to builders. The builders then carry out construction consistent with Canada Lands Company’s master development plan. Occasionally, Canada Lands Company may undertake the construction of buildings itself, after site servicing. In the third case, certain properties that are of value to the Government of Canada are retained and Canada Lands Company manages those on behalf of the government. Some of the most prominent properties managed by our company include the Canada’s National Tower (CN Tower), the Old Port of Montréal and the Montréal Science Centre.

Garrison Crossing is one of Chilliwack, British Columbia’s most innovative communities. The site is a 153-acre (61.9-hectare) redevelopment of part of the former Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Chilliwack. Canada Lands Company, in cooperation with the City of Chilliwack, has brought many innovations to Garrison Crossing that have increased the environmental, socio-economic and community values of this redevelopment project.

This innovative design approach helped secure Garrison Crossing official LEED-ND Stage 2 certification in February 2010, under a pilot program led by US Green Building Council. Canada Lands Company was proud to receive this certification years before the LEED-ND pilot program rating system was formally introduced.

Garrison Crossing is an award-winning community that combines the best in residential living with local shopping and other amenities. 

Garrison Crossing at CLC.ca

Currie has rapidly become one of the most talked about new communities in Calgary. The redevelopment of the third and last site at CFB Calgary is already well-underway. Located in the heart of southwest Calgary, Currie will be a contemporary urban village where work and play rest in perfect balance, with vibrant amenity spaces just steps from your door.

The new community at the 195-acre (80- hectare) site is based on the principles of smart growth and sustainable community design. The vision for Currie will build on the successful designs at Garrison Woods and Garrison Green to create an even denser community with a richer mix of land uses, housing types, and servicing innovations to achieve a more complete and integrated neighbourhood. Currie was designed to set a new standard in sustainable development. This includes traffic-calmed streets and pedestrian networks that bring most residents within a five minute walk of shops, parks, and public transportation.

At full development, Currie is expected to accommodate approximately 5,700 housing units of various types, 250,000 ft2 (23,226 m2) of retail and about 613,000 ft2 (56,950 m2) of office space. This is in addition to a private school, and close to 23 acres of parks and open space.


Edmonton’s first LEED-ND certified community, Village at Griesbach is a family-friendly, self-sustaining success. This new community features four lakes, a 24 acre central park, a children's playground and Major General Griesbach School, a K-9 institution.

Innovative “urban village” design ensures everything is close to home with Northgate Shopping Centre, Londonderry Mall, City of Edmonton Fire and Police services, Castle Downs Recreation Centre and The Royal Alexander Hospital just minutes away. Canada Lands Company has protected, preserved and integrated mature trees, urban forests and vast green spaces into its award-winning master plan.

Since 1951, these lands have honoured the legacy of Canada’s most distinguished military regiments, officers
and personalities. Today these lands are being transformed from its proud past into the dream of tomorrow as Edmonton’s most beautiful, new lifestyle community.


Wateridge Village is a sustainable new community in Ottawa, located minutes from downtown on traditional Algonquin territory and overlooking the Ottawa River. Celebrating the Algonquin people, the legacy of the former Canadian Forces Base Rockcliffe Lands and the brilliance of modern urban design.
Visionary and masterful in scope, Wateridge Village will be home to design-forward residences, retail and office space, unparalleled amenities, beautiful parks, trails and so much more.

The mission of Wateridge Village is to develop an exemplary diverse contemporary neighbourhood offering a choice in housing, employment, commercial, institutional and leisure activities which will be defined by the site’s unique setting, along with a commitment to environmental sustainability and long term economic viability. 


The Old Port is the original port of Montréal, Québec. The territory of the Old Port represents an area of 116.9 acres (47.3 hectares). The Old Port site is 2.2 kilometres long and lies along the St. Lawrence River, bordering on Old Montréal.

The Old Port of Montréal is a premier tourism and event venue in Québec, attracting millions of visitors each year. The Old Port welcomes many types of cultural and entertainment activities, such as culinary, sports, music and outdoor festivals. All of these are in addition to the Clock Tower beach, marina and skating rink amenities, which are all operated internally by the Old Port.


How do the activities of Canada Lands Company benefit Canadians?

Canada Lands Company harmoniously integrates properties that are no longer required for program purposes by the Government of Canada into their surrounding communities. The company engages in extensive public consultations prior to starting any work. The end result is a sustainable development that consists of land uses that address community needs.

How do the activities of Canada Lands Company benefit the Government of Canada?

Canada Lands Company helps federal government departments and agencies deal with surplus strategic real estate. When properties are no longer required for program purposes by the federal government, they are acquired by Canada Lands Company and related carrying costs for the government are eliminated. Canada Lands Company also generates substantial community and financial value for the Government of Canada through the sale of properties.

What process does Canada Lands Company follow to acquire properties?

Canada Lands Company acquires strategic properties from Government of Canada departments and agencies (“departments”) that have declared them surplus to their program needs following the strategic disposal process.

Departments dispose of their surplus real property in accordance with the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s (TBS) Policy on Management of Real Property, and the Directive on the Sale or Transfer of Surplus Real Property. Surplus real property is defined as real property that is no longer required in support of a department's programs.

The TBS provides leadership and co-ordination with respect to the disposal of surplus real property while departments are responsible for its implementation. Information and queries concerning the strategic disposal process should be directed to TBS and/or the department disposing of the surplus real property.

Are Canada Lands Company's projects financially viable?

Yes. Since the company is financially self sufficient, the planning of our projects must always consider the market viability of the proposes uses.In many of its projects, Canada Lands Company creates heritage monuments or public spaces, which typically lead to more desirable neighbourhoods. Creating more desirable neighbourhoods, in turn, leads to both greater community and financial value. While Canada Lands Company operates with an emphasis on commercial viability, we have found that commercial or financial value is often realized hand-in-hand with the creation of community value.

Has Canada Lands Company been successful?

Yes. Canada Lands Company has over 20 years of experience demonstrating:

  • that it provides a significant enhancement of the quality of life in local communities in a balanced manner;
  • a genuine commitment to public consultation;
  • respect for community values and local heritage;
  • environmental stewardship; and
  • a proven ability to achieve both good financial and community value in its projects simultaneously.

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